Jake Paul makes unusual entrance ahead of showdown with MMA legend (VIDEO) – RT Sport News

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul turned cowboy on Wednesday night when he arrived at a media training session on a horse ahead of his final fight.

The 5-0 rookie will take on UFC legend Anderson Silva, 47, in a boxing bout at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona on Saturday and paid tribute to ‘Wild West’ history. from the area when coming to his open workout. riding session.

Lil Nas X’s 2019 hit, « Old Town Road, » played in the background as a confident Paul chewed gum, then dismounted before completing his duties.

Explaining the story behind the stunt to Showtime, Paul said: « Me and my friend were just talking, ‘Like yo, what should we do for open practice?’

« I was like, ‘I should just ride a horse. And we did.

“I am going to war. I feel like a warrior, a gladiator, that’s really what Saturday is. Paul added.

In a clip shared by Showtime’s Twitter account, the horse, named Donald, scared popular combat sports analyst Luke Thomas by facing him as he sat with Paul for an interview.

Paul will face Brazilian icon Silva, who campaigned primarily at middleweight in his 185-pound limit during his UFC heyday, in an eight-round, 187-pound licensed boxing match.

The American has come under fire for taking on aging MMA welterweights such as Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley in the boxing ring. Although Silva is older than both men, he has a boxing pedigree and beat former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Tito Ortiz last year.

Paul and Silva were respectful to each other as they prepared for the fight and went viral on TikTok with a video dancing together that has been liked over a million times.

The good-natured clip, however, led to claims that Silva was diving, and the Sao Paulo native had to clarify comments where he appeared to say he was knocked out in combat.

« I spoke to my coach and I even said, ‘Coach, let me tell you something, why did the guys knock me out twice? « » Silva told MMA Weekly on September 13, in an interview published only this week.

« And the coach said, ‘You have to prepare for war, and you prepare for war' » Silva added.

In a statement released by Showtime on Wednesday, Silva said That he wanted “clarify two important things” after « see the reports and worry about me ».

« Firstly, I have NEVER been knocked out in combat. I misspoke in this interview as I sometimes do in English interviews and I overdid the normal back and forth action that takes place. produced in combat.

“Secondly, that workout I referred to took place in early September. The interview with MMA Weekly was done on September 13th and for some reason just came out this week. was not recent. Silva added.

Silva retired from MMA with a 34-11 career but has a 3-1 boxing record similar to Paul’s.

Winning his last three fights, Siva hasn’t been beaten in the sport since May 1998, when he dropped out in the first round against Osmar Luiz Teixeira in his native country.


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