Islanders’ Denis Potvin twists Rangers chant with ‘Potvin Socks’

Rangers fans can now wear a foot chant.

The Islanders have added « Potvin Socks » to their team store, a play to the longtime Rangers fan chant « Potvin Sucks » at Madison Square Garden. Potvin himself cut a social media ad for the socks ahead of Wednesday’s Islanders-Rangers game at UBS Arena, which took place on the Islands’ Twitter account.

The Islanders are selling Potvin socks, an ironic reference to the change regarding the defender.
Isles Labs

« You’ve been singing it for 43 years, » Potvin says in the ad. « Now you can wear it! »

The chant dates back to 1979, when Potvin knocked Rangers striker Ulf Nilsson out of a match at the Garden, breaking his ankle with a blow when Nilsson’s skate blade got caught in a crevice on the poorly maintained ice. of the Garden.

He is heard regularly at the Garden to this day and even makes appearances elsewhere, including the Islanders game in Sunrise, Florida on Sunday. (Coincidentally, Potvin, a former Panthers television analyst, was present during the Islanders’ 3-2 loss.)

Denis Potvin #5 of the New York Islanders in NHL action
Potvin won four Stanley Cups with the Islanders.
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Whether the socks are better suited for Rangers or Islanders fans is an open question. But it’s nice to see the islanders embracing the song.


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