Island Nature Trust says donation will help protect endangered birds

The Island Nature Trust has received a donation of land that officials say could help better preserve an endangered bird species.

The nonprofit obtains 28 acres of land located in St. Catherines, Prince Edward Island, in an area that is home to Bobolinks, a songbird listed as a species at risk in the Canada.

“It’s an endangered ground-nesting bird,” said Bianca McGregor, the organization’s executive director. “We’re thrilled because we don’t own a lot of land in central Queens…and it’s actually an area that has great Bobolink habitat.”

The Island Nature Trust monitors the species each summer.

The organization will continue to lease the land to the farmer using the property and work with that person to ensure best conservation practices. Land will be kept in a rotation of perennial crops and grasslands as opposed to row cutting.

McGregor said the farmer is also participating in a program that incentivizes delaying hay cutting until July 15, ensuring the baby birds “have hatched and fledged”.

The donation comes from Rosemary Henderson and will become official on September 16.


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