Isabelle Rome advocates “specific” judicial treatment

Cases of violence against women must be judged “specifically”, advocates this Sunday Isabelle Rome, Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, shortly after the announcement of a mission entrusted to parliamentarians to improve the judicial treatment of these cases.

“These cases must be judged in a specific way. Slapping your wife has nothing to do with stealing a cell phone from a store. We must question this act and provide an immediate response, ”declares the Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in an interview with the Sunday newspaper. “We must also question the violence of the perpetrators and provide specific support to the victims. »

Six months to improve the judicial treatment of domestic violence

Elisabeth Borne announced on Friday the creation at the end of September, for a period of six months, of a parliamentary mission responsible for making proposals to improve the judicial treatment of domestic violence.

This mission will be entrusted “to parliamentarians from different groups, responsible for first drawing up an assessment, since there are already 123 emergency processing channels in the 164 courts of the country”, specifies Isabelle Rome this Sunday. “Within six months, they will formulate recommendations” and “with Élisabeth Borne and Eric Dupond-Moretti, we will also be able to draw inspiration from models such as Spain or Quebec”, she adds.

Asked by the JDD about the possible creation of a category of magistrates, the Minister Delegate replied that she “does not want to anticipate the conclusions of the mission”. “At a minimum, we must continue to train all judges and prosecutors likely to deal with this type of case. In particular on the notion of influence, even of coercive control”, she adds.

“We also need to know the psychotrauma and the devastating impact of this violence on children, in order to draw the consequences in terms of the exercise of parental authority, visitation rights and accommodation,” says Isabelle Rome. It notes that withdrawals of parental authority from the perpetrator of domestic violence “are pronounced more and more often: 411 for the first half of 2022 alone, against 75 in 2017”. “We have to put an end to this old pattern according to which an abusive partner can be a good father,” she says again.


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