Is OD a breeding ground for bullies…like a schoolyard?

Since Sunday, OD Martinique is criticized for looking up to bullying gestures, while Jonathan was pushed out by the other candidates. The controversy is a sad reminder that adults can bully too, according to Amélie Faubert, social worker and podcast co-host The strings.

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What happened

In the episode broadcast last Sunday, the guys and girls who take part in the Noovo reality show agreed to eliminate Clémence, with the aim of encouraging Jonathan to leave the adventure and thus restore the « vibe » in the guys house.

The strategy – which paid off – hasn’t gone unnoticed by the show’s faithful, who blame the guys’ house contestants for bullying Jonathan, who seemed to have been ostracized by the others. , and to the production of having done nothing.

Is the audience right to cry bullying?

Jonathan was indeed the victim of bullying, says Amélie Faubert.

“As we saw in ODbullying in adulthood, it takes a lot of the form of social exclusion, ”regrets the one who likes to comment every week in her podcast on the latest developments in reality TV.

According to her, Jonathan was notably the victim of gaslighting, a form of mental abuse aimed at distorting reality and presenting it in a different light.

An example of gaslighting: when Jonathan was eliminated, the other candidates came to tell him that it was nothing against him, while they were speaking against him a few moments before, mentions Amélie Faubert.

This kind of behavior is not without consequences, she continues. “Playing games that way, instead of being honest and explaining their conflicts like adults, it can leave traces.”

When he left the adventure, Jonathan posted a video on social networks assuring that he was fine.

Why does bullying continue into adulthood?

Normally, in adulthood, “we have the choice to make the right decisions, to settle this and to address the conflicts, or to speak behind the back, to exclude, to ostracize”, underlines Amélie Faubert.

The OD candidates obviously chose the second option. “Candidates for OD this year have chosen to continue with schoolyard strategies,” she says.

She adds that our behaviors in adulthood are often a reflection of the group dynamics that we established in our childhood.

Occupation Double, an environment conducive to bullying?

It’s not the first time thatOD is criticized for bullying issues.

Amélie Faubert remembers in particular an episode ofOD South Africa during which Mathieu, Karl and Kiari attacked another candidate, Kevin. They claimed to want to « take the garbage out » of the house, in reference to Kevin, while kicking garbage bags.

« It’s amazing that every year, the same dynamics appear again, when you know that it doesn’t pay off in the eyes of the public and that it’s him [le public] who picks the winners‘Double occupation“, she notes.

According to his analysis, the intimidation orchestrated at the time by Mathieu cost him the victory, when he formed a couple with Claudie, with whom he is now engaged.

The episode of Twines of this week provides an overview of the significant moments of intimidation in OD.

Production singled out

Tuesday, the production ofOD defended herself on social media after being singled out by the show’s faithful.

“We are aware that the events of the last few days have raised discussions because of the strategy put forward by certain participants,” we can read.

« Double occupation is a game of seduction where the candidates must use strategies to determine among themselves how to eliminate each other during the deliberations”, we continue.

The production reminds that it is up to the public to determine the winning couple of the adventure at the end of the season, while hoping that “love will triumph”.


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