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AMES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa State University announced Thursday that its men’s hockey club will be suspended from competition for the next academic year after an investigation found the club was involved in hazing, abuse alcohol and the personal humiliation of new members or recruits.

The club was provisionally suspended in May and a subsequent investigation also revealed that since at least 2018 the club has been extorting money from new members to gain status with the club, the university said in a statement.

A separate investigation found that recreation services staff and club coaches failed to understand or adequately oversee student complaints and club finances.

The club was ordered to draw up a plan for the formation of a new team, undergo anti-hazing and alcohol abuse training and restructure to become a traditional student-run sports club .

If those requirements are met by December 16, the club could resume training and team scrums in the spring, but they won’t be allowed to participate in competitions or league games until the summer of 2023.

In a statement Thursday, the club’s players, parents and alumni denied all of the university’s allegations and said Iowa State has a program to restructure the hockey club.

The club said it would explore “all available avenues to respond to the university sanctions”.

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