Investigation into fatal Barrie, Ont. crash continues


Police in Barrie, Ontario are continuing to investigate an accident that killed six youths over the weekend.

The force says the investigation into the « tragic event » will take time.

On Monday evening, family members were escorted by police to the edge of a large concrete pit in a construction area where the accident took place and could be seen throwing flowers into it.

The City of Barrie says the intersection has been closed since the spring and the area is currently the site of a municipal construction project.

The crash happened at an active construction site in Barrie, the city confirmed. (CTV News Toronto)

Police said four men and two women missing on Saturday would be the six people found dead in the crash early Sunday, which had not been reported when officers came to the scene.

The missing persons have been identified by police as Curtis King, 22, River Wells, 23, Jason O’Connor, 22, Luke West, 22, Jersey Mitchell, 20 and Haley Marin, 21.

This report from The Canadian Press was first published on August 30, 2022.


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