Inside TLC’s ‘sMothered’ Season 4: ‘We Do It All Naked’

Ah, mom!

TLC’s hit reality series « sMothered, » co-produced by The Post, is back with more sculpted antics. The fourth season of the popular reality series, which examines overly close mother-daughter relationships, airs Monday at 10 p.m.

Several pairs from previous seasons return, including Florida look-alike girls Cher and Dawn, Nevada bath-water sharers Sunhe and Angelica, Chicago self-tanners Kathy and Cristina, and Lisa and Lauren , Louisiana beauties.

Three new duos join the series this time around: a groundbreaking duo featuring the series’ first transgender individual; a set of potential sisters who like to take it all off; and a spicy Southern combo with an uncanny knack for attracting the same suitors.

Here, your complete guide for beginners.

They cook together – naked

California duo Francia (left) and Paula go clubbing together — when they’re not home cooking and cleaning naked.

Californian daughters Francia, 46, and Paula, 27, still live together, even though Paula is an adult. The pair are inseparable, whether it’s partying and clubbing, fighting with tickles or cooking and cleaning – the latter without a point of clothing.

« When it’s just the two of us at home, we pretty much do everything naked, » Paula, a model-influencer, told The Post. « It’s always been a natural thing. »

Francia, who works in education, said it was not that unusual in their Colombian culture, although some of their friends found it strange. Onscreen, Paula is shown making a breakfast smoothie in their kitchen while in the buff, then casually walking into her mother’s room and handing it to her.

« That’s the norm for us, » she told the Post.

When they're not hanging out, or cooking and cleaning in the chamois, Paula and Francia are enjoying a good tickle fight.
When they’re not clubbing or cleaning, Paula and Francia have a good tickle battle.
Screenshot of the TLC trailer

And they don’t see anything wrong with touring the city together.

« Some people ask Paula, ‘How can you be comfortable with your mum at the club?’ “said France.

And despite initial reservations, her daughter says there is no better teammate.

« I thought clubbing would be a little weird, but it was so much fun, because my mom is having such a good time, » Paula said. “She dances, laughs and smiles all the time. It is a whole atmosphere. It’s contagious, it makes me happy.

They keep attracting exes

Mom Cathy, left, and daughter Ashley, right, take a selfie.
Mom Cathy (left) and daughter Ashley get tattoos and piercings together, take sexy photos and date the same guy.

Tennessee temptresses Cathy, 56, and Ashley, 35, have no limits when it comes to approved mother-daughter activities. They’ve had their nipples tattooed and pierced together, they’ve done sexy photo shoots of each other in lingerie—and they’ve also dated the same guy.

« [Mom] lost a lot of weight, looked super sexy and decided she would start dating,” Ashley, a nurse practitioner, told The Post, explaining the sexy snapshot session.

« So I started taking pictures of her, and vice versa [for dating websites and apps]. From there it became a hobby, taking pictures of each other.

As for dating the same guy, both said it was accidental – except it happened more than once.

Cathy and Ashley seen on sMothered.  Dating the same man.
You don’t see double – Tennessee girls Cathy (left) and Ashley have this thing about attracting the same man (although, so far, not at the same time).
Screenshot of the TLC trailer

« The first guy was the one Ashley had seen a couple of times, » Cathy, who is retired, told The Post. « She had talked about this guy, but I didn’t even know his name, because she was dating quite a bit, let’s be honest. But a few years later, I went out with [with him].”

Cathy said that when she told Ashley about the date, it sounded familiar, so she asked to see a photo.

« She had a seizure, » Cathy said. « She goes, ‘Mom, that was Sean, and he’s over 10 years younger than you!’ So after that, he asked me out again and I said, « I don’t know if you knew that, but Ashley, the girl you’re dating, is my daughter. » He said, ‘I thought you looked familiar.’ I think this guy knew all along.

It happened again – only in reverse – when Ashley’s co-worker asked her out.

« He had been chasing me relentlessly for a few months, » Ashley said. “I told my mom about it, and it piqued her interest because she worked at the same place. She was like, ‘He looks familiar.’ She had already gone out with him!

Guiding her daughter’s transition

Angie and Shay take a selfie in their driveway.
Mom Angie (left) and daughter Shay break new ground on « sMothered, » as Angie is the first mom with a trans daughter on the show.

Indiana mother Angie, 46, and daughter Shay, 23, are a groundbreaking couple. Shay is the first transgender girl to appear on « sMothered ». After she was released, Angie took it upon herself to teach Shay how to be a woman, including how to shave her legs.

« I was 22 when I came out, » Shay, a TikTok influencer, told The Post. “It definitely strengthened our bond. Even before, we used to do a lot of mother and daughter stuff. But after coming out, everything escalated: buying clothes and makeup together, shaving my legs.

While the news initially came as a surprise to Angie, she had the emotional and professional skills to help Shay become her authentic self.

« At first it was a little shocking to me, » said Angie, a hair and makeup artist. “But it definitely brought us closer. We are able to do much more together as mother and daughter than we could as mother and son.

Angie teaches Shay to shave her legs.
Shay is grateful for mom Angie’s hands-on support during her transition, right down to a tutorial on how to shave her legs.
Screenshot of the TLC trailer

Shay added that having a mum hairdresser has been a big help while she adjusts.

« I’ve always been proud of the way my hair looked, » she said. « She taught me how to do a lot of different hairstyles. It makes me feel more feminine, less dysphoric about my identity.

And her mom is more than happy to support her.

« It makes me feel good to know that she trusts me enough to be the person to show her this new world, » Angie said.


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