Information leaks: how to avoid them?

The consequences of leaks of information and personal data are more damaging than ever for the image of a company or a government authority. It is a threat that hovers permanently and to which we must pay very close attention.

When they occur, leaks cause huge financial losses, in addition to reputational damage. This remains tainted in the long term when this information is made public.

Did you know that in 2019, more than 3,800 leaks were recorded? More than 43% of small businesses are also affected by data theft, according Verizon.

According to a report provided by IBMthis growing problem would cost Canadian businesses an average of $6 million a year. No sector of activity or type of company is spared.

Despite the increasingly common threats, know that there are solutions to help you prevent them. Protecting your most confidential data means keeping it that way.

The consequences of information leaks

This serious and increasingly widespread phenomenon can have serious consequences for your privacy, that of your company and that of your users. It not only affects the monetary aspect, but also has more serious repercussions such as identity theft and invasion of privacy.

As a business or government agency, here are the most common consequences:

  • Ransom demand;
  • Loss of customers;
  • Damage to reputation;
  • Invasion of privacy ;
  • Additional costs for data recovery and restoration;
  • Government fines;
  • Bankruptcy ;
  • Etc.

How to limit the risks?

There are several ways to put in place to ensure the confidentiality of your conversations or your data. Here are a few.

VPN server

Implementing a VPN server is the first step in your approach. A VPN, better known as Virtual Private Networkwill increase your security to protect you from potential threats.

Thanks to this device, it is possible to:

  • Exchange your data securely;
  • Encrypt your data;
  • Browse through a hidden IP address;
  • And more !

Limit access to data

It is recommended to limit the collection of data via your website. We think in particular of the collection of data via beacons or the publication of customer files.

The same goes for your employees. You have to be vigilant. Do you really know what type of information they have in hand? It is now very easy to copy confidential data to a USB flash drive and misuse it.

The implementation of a secure system as well as restricted access to your computer systems will limit the leakage of sensitive information.

voice protector

Surely you have already had a discussion with someone close to you and then, when consulting your social networks, you noticed an advertisement for a product about which you had previously discussed?

It is becoming more and more evident that our conversations are listened to and recorded by these different platforms. Devices such as smart phones, tablets, computers, connected watches and many others can record you without your knowledge.

But what happens when recorded conversations are spoofed?

Unfortunately, few reliable solutions exist on the market for such situations. This is why Santor Sécurité inc. has developped a unique and patented technologywhich helps prevent your discussions, meetings, and ideas from being recorded.

How does Santor’s solution work?

Used by security agencies, government bodies and private companies around the world, HARP® is the solution of choice if you are looking for a security device that prevents eavesdropping. Its size allows it to go unnoticed and to be placed strategically on a beautiful or a conference table, or fixed to the ceiling for example.

The HARP Microphone Jammer® decreases the risk of malicious voice recordings by muddying the microphone of smart devices of all types. This technology prevents the leakage of sensitive data that you may face.

Hopefully this article will enlighten you on the importance of protecting your data and your business discussions. Now is the time to put in place security measures to protect yourself.


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