Inflation: “My payments have doubled”, testifies a single mother

The rising cost of living combined with rising interest rates is hitting the home of Sylvie Thibert, a single mother who recently changed jobs for a better paying job, but who doesn’t see the difference.

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“It’s not getting any better. It makes me cringe. Looks like I didn’t win anything. It hurts, ”she said at the microphone of Philippe-Vincent Foisy for QUB.

His biggest problem: The costs of his line of credit have almost doubled. The single mother of two children had to take this line of credit to successfully “survive” the pandemic, which had caused her to lose one of her jobs.

What cost him $300 a month last year now costs him $700. And, she is not the only one in this situation.

Ms. Thibert explained that many people around her had to cut meat from their purchases, their favorite brands at the grocery store and dining out.

“A friend of mine told me this week that she had to cut the superfluous, including her daughter’s gymnastics. It’s so sad,” said the mother.

A check as a gift

The single mother will be entitled to the $600 check from the Legault government.

“What will it pay? The Christmas Turkey! One or two grocery stores?” she exclaimed.

Above all, it proposed to attack the tariffs.

“State corporations must be prevented from raising their prices. That’s what will help us. Hydro payments are all year round, ”she lamented.

It’s hard to be optimistic

Ms. Thibert conceded that it is difficult to be optimistic about the future of her children.

Moreover, his adult son had been saving for years with his girlfriend to buy a house. At the start of the pandemic, they put their project on hold by staying with their parents. Despite prices stabilizing a bit, interest rates are rising, so it’s impossible for them to buy.

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“I put myself in their shoes and I’m as discouraged as they are. It’s not just my son who worries about money, my daughter feels the need to work during her studies to pay for her things, ”she said.

The mother of two tries to keep her spirits up even though the holidays are approaching and this period is very stressful in terms of expenses.


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