Inflation and strong U.S. dollar will weigh on snowbird plans, experts say

High inflation and a strong US dollar will weigh heavily on Canadian snowbirds this winter, experts say.

As the colder months approach, Snowbird Advisor President Stephen Fine says some snowbirds are opting for a shorter travel window or considering different destinations due to the rising cost of everything combined with the weak Canadian dollar.

Fine says snowbirds will have a lot more to consider this winter, as the price of lodging, groceries and restaurants have all gone up.

He also says snowbirds can opt for more economical destinations outside the United States, including Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize, and stay for four months rather than the usual six months.

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Insurance company Travel Secure Inc. president Martin Firestone says the weak Canadian dollar will have the biggest impact on those who typically fly south for the winter, of all travelers.

The Canadian dollar was trading at 72.85 cents US at the close of trading on Tuesday.


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