Inauguration of a secondary school at Collège Sainte-Anne in Dorval

Having welcomed its first students in the fall, the new Collège Sainte-Anne high school was officially inaugurated on Wednesday, October 12 at 100 Bouchard Boulevard in Dorval.

This new school has been described as unique. “Based on the latest research and best practices in education, we have designed an environment that serves pedagogy and promotes student well-being. Our main objective is to awaken in everyone the pure pleasure of learning and to ensure that young people are motivated, engaged and happy,” explained Ugo Cavenaghi, President and CEO of Collège Sainte-Anne.

A building at the service of innovative pedagogy

“Modern, bright and with plenty of open space, the building produces a learning environment conducive to creativity, collaboration and communication. In addition, the school program has been designed to respond to current reality and challenges, because it is essential that our young people develop solid skills, a rich general culture and a learning posture for life », underlined Isabelle Senécal. , principal of Collège Sainte-Anne de Dorval (secondary).

“Students are invited to develop their sense of initiative, their autonomy and their leadership within the framework of citizen entrepreneurship projects. The discovery workshops, covering areas as diverse as programming, the environment and communication, allow them to explore many fields of interest,” added Isabelle Senécal.

Completely carbon neutral

In addition, the new Sainte-Anne secondary school is one of the first schools in Canada to be entirely carbon neutral. There are systems for saving energy and recovering rainwater.

A strong symbol of the Dorval campus, the SmartFlower, made up of petal-shaped solar panels, produces 3,500 kWh per year.

The new secondary school has several specialized rooms, a creative laboratory, sports facilities as well as indoor and outdoor greenhouses.

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