in which municipalities did they achieve their best (and worst) scores?

These municipalities that have not chosen…

In the third constituency of Ain, the voters of Plagne did not decide between the candidate Nupes of his rival presented by Together, in the 2nd constituency, it was the candidates LR and Nupes who arrived tied in Drom.
In the Loire, same scenario, neither Charlieu (5th circo) nor Saint-Paul-d’Uzore (6th) made a choice: the LR and Ensemble candidates shared the ballots.
In the Jura, three municipalities in the first constituency distributed their votes 50/50 between the pretenders Together and Nupes. : Abergement-le-Petit, Courlaoux, Reithouse. In the 2nd and 3rd constituencies, Lect and Augerans left candidates LR and Nupes on an equal footing.


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