In the UK, the “summer of anger” spreads

This Tuesday afternoon, the British Communications Union Federation (CWU) must reveal the results of the consultation – a procedure made compulsory by the anti-union law in force for decades across the Channel – with a view to a strike movement. The 100,000 postal workers of the Royal Mail should, after their colleagues in the call centers of British Telecom, approve the work stoppages to snatch the wage increases they have been demanding for months. For their part, railway workers are preparing to re-emerge, and even stronger than at the end of June: this time, it’s not just RMT, with Mick Lynch, its emblematic leader who burst onto the screens a few weeks ago (read Humanity of July 11), which will be mobilized, but also the driving agents, members of the Aslef union, and the executives, unionized at the TSSA, who enter the movement scheduled for the end of July. Boris Johnson is out, the unions are in, and the ‘Summer of Rage’ promises to be in full swing in the UK.


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