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In the name of the pandemic, everything seems possible

After having regularly fueled popular discontent by accusing the unvaccinated of the hospital debacle, Mr. Legault granted the wish of those who implored him to crack down on these “irresponsible” who clutter up hospitals and constitute a “financial burden”.

However, if those who refuse the injection are irresponsible, those who rejoice in this vaxi-tax are ideologues, moreover resentful, much more dangerous than the virus. Because the pandemic will end one day. But to applaud a tax that punishes non-conformism is to tilt society into a paradigm that does not bode well.


You can see everywhere “irresponsible people” who constitute a “financial burden”. One must therefore be naïve to imagine that the application of the vaxi-tax will be limited to the unvaccinated. Because if today’s scapegoats are the unvaccinated, who will be tomorrow’s?

We are therefore entitled to wonder if, very quickly, we will not also tax those who do not receive the number of doses decreed by the government. Then, as hospital beds are also occupied by “irresponsible” people who have undermined their health with a poor lifestyle, will diabetics, obese people, etc. be taxed? ? Will it then be the turn of the irresponsible who cycle without a helmet and the reckless sportsmen?

And why should we limit ourselves to sanitary conformity? Don’t generously subsidized businesses and dropouts also impose a financial burden?

As for the “irresponsible” who pollute the brains of their fellow citizens with their opinions that offend the doxa, why not a tax on intellectual non-conformism? After all, it would simply be the institutionalization of cancel culture so popular today.


In the name of the pandemic, anything seems possible. This is a serious mistake! There are some core values ​​that should be sacred. Respect for democracy is one of them.

You have to think long term. Because if we know where a breach begins, we do not know what abjections it can lead to. Opening a history book is enough to make it happen!