in our departments. What you (perhaps) missed in July


We voted for the legislative elections, well not all of them…

As in the rest of France (53.77% abstention at the national level), more than half of those registered on the electoral lists did not vote in the second round of the legislative elections.

In our departments, it is the Jura which is the good student (50.52% abstention) and the Loire the bad (55.85%).

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The still popular Tour de France

Completed on July 24 by the coronation of Jonas Vingegaard, the Tour de France passed through our departments before that. Two stages thus took place there (a departure from Dole on the 9th, an arrival in Saint-Étienne on the 15th before the start the next day) and the peloton therefore criss-crossed the Jura, the Loire and the Haute-Loire.

A popular and free event, the Tour de France has always attracted people to the roadside and allowed the world to discover a little « our » corners of France.

It was hot, very hot…

We hear it every time someone talks about the perverse effects of climate change: in summer, it has always been hot. Yes, but extreme heat waves are man’s fault.

This July, the temperatures were again packed, with records at 38.7°C at the Lyon Bron station, 38.2°C at that of Saint-Étienne Bouthéon, 37.4°C at Dole Tavaux, 37 1°C at Ambérieu and 34.9°C at Puy Loudes.

And since it’s likely to start again in August, we’ve made a selection of the best spots for swimming in Ain, Jura, Rhône, Loire and Haute-Loire. It won’t solve the problem of climate change, but at least cools down a bit.

Ain in shock after a fivefold murder

One of the most terrible news items of the month of July in France unfortunately happened in Ain. On Wednesday, May 20, a madman entrenched in a house in the small village of Dover was shot dead by the GIGN. Five other members of his family are found, murdered. A horror scene for the town of Bugey.

>> All the latest info on the case

The mysterious disappearance of the Pilat wreck

The kidnapping dates from June 6, but it was not noticed until July. The wreckage of the plane crashed in the Pilat in 2008 has disappeared, as a regular hiker in this massif informed us.

The end of the story comes quickly: the carcass of the device was removed by the Association of Radio Amateurs, with the approval of the public authorities. “Over time, the paint was flaking off and polluting the river. And then it had become a somewhat unhealthy place of tourism”, confides to us Hervé Lekrinszki, president of the Association.

Boneless by some not respectful visitors, the plane is now stored in a place that has not been communicated. The last mystery of this case.

The momentum of solidarity with Ukraine seeks to hold

Five months ago, Russia invaded its neighbour, triggering in our departments a vast movement of solidarity in favor of the Ukrainians, who remained there or in exile.

A mobilization that continues, but is faced with the challenge of holding out over time despite the encystment of the conflict.

We take a look at these great initiatives in our departments.


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