In Mussy-Grancey, the Aube comes out of the maquis

Born about fifty years ago at the instigation of veterans of the Mussy-Grancey maquis, it closed its doors three years ago for renovations. The Mussy-sur-Seine Resistance Museum, between Troyes and Dijon, will open them again on Wednesday August 3, under the name of Aube Resistance Museum, after a renovation project. Modernized in its approach to meet the expectations of the public with a scenographic project spread over three exhibition rooms, it will offer the visitor the discovery of the major phases of the creation of the first movements and resistance networks in Aube, an immersion in daily life. of the maquis, as well as a set of documents making it possible to grasp the meaning and the scope of the commitment of the Resistance leading to the liberation of Troyes, in cooperation with the national liberation movement of the Resistance. Located at 6, rue Boursault, the museum belongs to the network of Museums of France.


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