In a relationship with a man 40 years younger: Cher’s love life over the years

Cher’s name has been in the news for three weeks. Is the singer preparing a return on disc or on the boards? At the movie theater? No. She simply found love again with a man 40 years her junior: music producer Alexander Edwards. A story that has been making headlines in the American tabloids ever since.

It had been a while since Cher had appeared with a man by her side. Since breaking up with screenwriter Ron Zimmerman in 2012, the singer had been more discreet about her love life. So a new romance in the life of the now 76-year-old star was sure to make a splash in the tabloid press.

But when the identity of her new Prince Charming was unveiled, not only did the Web get carried away, but she did it at high speed, because Cher now shares her life with a 36-year-old man.

“We kiss like teenagers,” the singer tweeted, visibly in love, shortly after the announcement of their relationship.

A “strange” idyll

Cher even confessed to — sort of — understanding her detractors. Also on Twitter, she announced to her approximately four million subscribers that their relationship could at first glance seem « strange ».

“It’s strange on paper (even to me). EA [Alexander Edwards] says love knows no math,” she wrote.

It must be said that age has probably never bothered Cher, she who first knew the glory in duet with her first husband, Sonny Bono. The late singer was no less than 11 years older than his sweetheart.

Since their divorce, Cher’s romantic conquests have regularly made the headlines in the American media. Here are five examples.

Gregg Allman


The divorce between Cher and Sonny Bono had been pronounced for barely three days since the singer was already married to Gregg Allman in 1975. From this union was born their son Elijah Blue Allman, and an album launched under the name of Allman and Woman. The marriage lasted four years.

Gene Simmons


After her divorce from Gregg Allman, Cher found solace in the arms of another rocker: Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. Being both known for their extravagance, their union seemed to flow naturally. The singer even told the magazine People that it was « the most beautiful relationship » she had ever had with a « human being », despite her partner’s infidelities. Gene Simmons eventually left Cher for none other than Diana Ross.

Val Kilmer


Val Kilmer had not yet known glory when he fell in love with the interpreter of believe, in the early 1980s. Rumor has it that it was Meryl Streep – a close friend of the singer – who orchestrated their meeting on the occasion of Cher’s birthday. If their romance ended after less than two years, their friendship has endured ever since; the singer also accompanied the actor during his fight against throat cancer in 2014.

Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise was just 23 when he fell in love with Cher, then 39. The couple dated for two years before ending their relationship. “It could have been a great love story, I was crazy about him”, even confided the singer in an interview with Oprah, in 2008. A few years later, the interpreter of believe once again returned to her idyll with Tom Cruise, specifying to Andy Cohen that he was in the top 5 of his best lovers.

Eric Stoltz


It’s been a lingering rumor that Cher and Eric Stoltz dated in the mid-1980s. It wasn’t their 15-year age difference, however, that raised eyebrows; it’s more the fact that they played a mother-son tandem in the hit film mask. The magazine Peoplewho at the time announced their romance, received a letter from Cher, furious that the publication relayed this rumor in their pages.


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