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In 2022, all decisions are political

In 2022, all decisions are political

Since the start of the pandemic, many debates have occupied the public space: the curfew, the imposition of the vaccine passport and the closing of public places.

The debate surrounding the independence of Public Health from the government has also caused much ink to flow.

The question is simple: who makes the decisions?

A few times, François Legault has said that he was the one making the decisions, and we can think that this is still the case in 2022 – an election year.


On day one of the pandemic, François Legault and Horacio Arruda were next to each other.

Quickly, the genres mixed. In several provinces across the country, the Prime Minister holds press briefings without the presence of Public Health.

Quebec Public Health would have benefited from holding press briefings without the politician to explain its recommendations and define the health measures. Tuesday, Luc Boileau announced that this situation would be corrected.

However, the impression of lack of independence will not disappear if François Legault continues to publicly dictate his demands as he did with the gatherings of twenty or twenty-five people at Christmas and the opening of schools on January 17. .

deputy minister

Currently, the director of public health is also a deputy minister. A position that is delicate, especially in a pandemic.

In the medium term, this situation will have to be corrected, because it is technically impossible for a deputy minister to come out in the media and say the opposite of the government.

Currently, the Dr Boileau is acting. He is thus limited in the changes he can put forward.

But, if François Legault offers him the position, Mr. Boileau should ask him for more independence by suggesting that he remove a title from his business card.

Unfortunately, even by making this gesture, politics will continue to play in the sandbox of Public Health.