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I’m ashamed of being skinny now than before I had a baby

A mum has revealed how she got her body back in shape within 45 days of giving birth – and now weighs even less than her pre-pregnancy weight.

Maquellen Azevedo, 27, a fitness influencer from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, gained 22 pounds in her last three months of pregnancy before giving birth to her son, Bryan, on March 2 this year.

She weighed 176 pounds at her peak but, incredibly, the mum managed to lose all the weight she had gained in just a few weeks – and has since lost a further 11 pounds thanks to a strict diet and exercise regimen.

The new mom focused on eating healthy meals with a supervised diet created by a nutritionist, and did pilates and pelvic physiotherapy to get her body sculpted again.

Maquellen also picked out some new social media workouts to do at home.

In the 45 days following delivery, the mother has come to her senses and feels better than ever.

“During the pregnancy, I did pelvic physiotherapy with a professional, I also did exercises at home of which I watched videos on YouTube,” she told Jam Press.

“I didn’t go on a diet to lose weight during pregnancy – a pregnant woman needs to eat right, I went on a nutritionist’s diet on healthy things to eat that wouldn’t hurt me, lots of protein and good things for baby’s growing health.

“And I hired a cook to come in every day and cook my meals.”

Maquellen Azevedo during her pregnancy with her fiancé.
Jam Press/@maiarapaganotto

Maquellen, who had already undergone liposuction before she got pregnant, was determined to get her body back in shape as quickly as possible – but says she was criticized for her choice.

After sharing photos on social media, where she has 434,000 followers, users fired back at the mother for her dramatic transformation.

Despite the negative comments online, the model, who now weighs 145 pounds, is delighted with her physique and doesn’t care about trolls.

She said: “I have been criticized for my before and after photos.

“I took great care of myself during pregnancy, with healthy eating and eating, and then I kept that care, both for myself and for my baby.

“I was tried for extreme vanity. [But] I was determined to get my old body back, I love it.

“I was very dedicated and lost over 22 pounds in 10 days.

“And now I’m slimmer than before I got pregnant.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.