If Democrats want a scapegoat for losing the House, Mike Gianaris is their man

It increasingly looks like New York made the difference by claiming the U.S. House of Representatives for the GOP last week, as Republicans flipped four seats held by Democrats. And while Governor Kathy Hochul’s lackluster performance at the top of the ticket (or Lee Zeldin’s inspirational run for the GOP) played a huge role, the guy the Dems can most easily identify for this mess is the senator from Queens State Mike Gianaris, who is universally seen. as the main driver of the disastrous New York Dems redistricting debacle.

Yes, he’s just the Deputy Senate Majority Leader, but No. 1 Andrea Stewart-Cousins, by all accounts, lets him handle a lot. (So ​​much so that some call him a mere figurehead.) And he definitely took the redistricting into account.

Specifically, the conspiracy to 1) end the clearly and repeatedly expressed will of voters by ousting the independent bipartisan commission that, under the state constitution, must establish equitable districts after enumeration, and 2) draw a map that ruthlessly advantaged Democrats over Republicans, cramming GOP voters into just four seats for everyone else to become Democrats.

In the most naked fashion, he moved the ultra-liberal Park Slope to the Staten Island/South Brooklyn seat held by Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, the city’s only Republican. It wasn’t just a geographic stretch; communities have nothing in common. (An analysis by The City found that Democrat Max Rose likely would have defeated Malliotakis had the gerrymander gone into effect.)

This opened the door for Republicans to go to court to have the “Hochulmander” thrown out (so called because the government signed on) and have a truly neutral expert craft fair and compact districts without regard to the advantage of either party.

And on that level playing field, Republicans took the seats held by incumbent Democrats Tom Suozzi and Kathleen Rice on Long Island and ousted incumbent Democrats Sean Patrick Maloney and Pat Ryan in the Hudson Valley. Oh, the debacle too cost Democratic Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Mondaire Jones their seats as the fair map forced them into primaries against other Democrats which they lost in August.

The GOP can certainly thank the ex-Rep. John Faso for leading the battle to bring down the Hochulmander and Ron Lauder for funding the litigation. (As well as Zeldin for getting Republican voters out.)

And the Dems can also slam Hochul for dragging the Dem ticket down, as well as smiling at Gianaris’ bet and bolster the GOP lawsuit by telling the New York Times that she signed the Gianaris plan into law because she’s a “loyal Democrat Biden” who wanted to help her party win seats in the House.

By the way, Democratic socialist superstar Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deserves noogies for her clueless tweet criticizing the state’s Democratic Party and those who “failed to pass a grassroots ballot measure of the ‘State to protect New York’s redistricting’ and thereby enabling GOP gains. Alternative facts a lot, AOC?


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