Ideas for original and not cheesy resolutions for 2023

If the generic New Year’s resolutions that come up every year don’t inspire you, but you’re still motivated, here’s a list of realistic resolutions that can actually improve your life and don’t include going to the gym or eating. better…

Repair your objects instead of throwing them away

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Learning to repair your possessions yourself is a habit that is worth implementing for the many benefits it provides. First, there are economic advantages to doing so. If it is sometimes less expensive to buy, for example, a new household appliance than to pay someone to repair one that has just broken, the fact of being able to repair things yourself makes the repair option much more enticing. Then there are environmental benefits, since repairing extends the life of objects while the amount of waste, especially electronic waste, is on the rise. The International Telecommunications Union, for example, establishes that a record quantity of 53.6 million metric tons of polluting electronic waste was thrown away in 2020. Finally, fixing things yourself helps develop a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. But where to start?

Fortunately, several places in Montreal can help you develop your manual repair skills!

  • Repair café Montreal is an organization that creates events where volunteers show you how to repair your personal items.
  • Building 7 has accessible workshops where you can learn how to work with wood and metal or repair your bike.
  • Les Affûtés, a collective that aims to teach people how to repair their objects, but also how to create new ones, offers a collaborative space where you can take your first steps by DIY in an educational and fun environment.

Try communication nonviolent

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Non-violent communication, also called « authentic dialogue », is a way of communicating that increases mutual understanding and maintains greater closeness in our relationships. It is a set of tools that can be useful to better communicate with our colleagues, our employees, our children or even our romantic partners.

The method, developed by the American psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, unfolds in three axes: expression, listening and connection to oneself. Thus, a seasoned practitioner will be able to express himself in a non-violent way, lend a truly attentive ear, but also be on the lookout for his own feelings in order to remain authentic in his communication. For example, the four key steps to expressing yourself better in response to an annoying situation, according to non-violent communication, are to ask yourself the following questions: what are the facts observed? How do I feel about the situation? Are my needs fed by the situation? What is my request?

If it may seem complicated, it is possible to learn this method by training with a coach specialized in Montreal. At the Spiralis communication training center, for example, you can be trained diligently, whether alone or with people with whom you want to communicate better.

“The first condition for getting started is to say to yourself: I want to improve my communication. Whether it’s with my girlfriend, my colleague or my boss, and whether it’s in relation to my assertiveness, my expression, my ability to listen or my empathy, » says Jean-Philippe Bouchard, co-founder of Spiralis, coach in integral development and certified trainer in non-violent communication at Spiralis.

And if we want to start without coaching in nonviolent communication? Jean-Philippe suggests reading Stop being nice, be honest! and Words are windows (or walls), books that focus on the benefits of authentic dialogue and the tools to achieve it.

get out of his routine sexual

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The new year is a good opportunity to take the first step out of your comfort zone and, when it comes to sex, this comfort zone often takes the form of a routine. While the latter can provide a sense of security, exploring new practices and new places to make love, as well as adding new toys to our antics, can offer many other advantages.

“Getting out of your sexual routine allows discussions and moments of vulnerability that bring you closer,” says Myriam Daguzan Bernier, sexologist.

Sharing our deep desires can be intimidating. How should we go about overcoming our fear?

“You have to communicate, but for some people it can be a little harder. In these cases, I recommend that my clinic clients try card games. These are games of questions that allow you to learn about a person, especially at the sexual level, in an atmosphere of healthy communication, ”replies Ms. Daguzan Bernier.

In this regard, the clinical sexologist recommends in particular the card game Slow-dating of Afterglo, which is described as « a versatile card game that promotes exchanges and the discovery of the other » on the Afterglo website.

To slow down

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Do you find yourself running out of time? That everything is going too fast, even faster and faster? You are not alone. This is a phenomenon that the German philosopher and sociologist Hartmut Rosa called “social acceleration”. Fortunately, there are ways to resist this increased pace of our lives.

« Social acceleration is a cultural, social and economic phenomenon that means that society is forced to go faster and faster to stay in the race on a global scale », explains Jonathan Durand Folco , Doctor of Philosophy and Professor of Social Innovation at Saint Paul University.

How can we resist social acceleration?

“We can, for example, limit our working time by targeting jobs that offer more flexible hours. You have to use the flexible schedule to set aside personal time and disconnect from your job. For example, we can prevent ourselves from answering the phone or our emails at certain times.

When we manage to have time for ourselves, how can we resist our own demands for productivity?

« We can take time to indulge in yoga, meditation or sports activities, but it should not be for the purpose of temporarily recharging and then returning to a productive mode. It must be with a view to developing a critical eye and a permanent lifestyle that does not go in the direction of the imperative of productivity, ”continues the philosopher.

If you are ready to move to slow down your life, the town of Lac-Mégantic is a “slow town”. It is the only municipality in Quebec to be officially part of this international movement to fight social acceleration known as the movement slow.

find a role to play in his community

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Having a role to play in your community can take many forms. Of course, volunteering in a non-profit organization is a classic, but it’s not the only option. For example, you can share your passion for cinema or reading by creating a film club or a book club. Just make a call on social media and find a place to host it all. If you are particularly gifted in a certain area, why not become a mentor or tutor to help others benefit from your knowledge? In any case, feeling that we are offering something to the community has several benefits for our morale.

“When you start giving of yourself to a community, you develop the idea that you are part of a whole. It’s a safe and empowering feeling that allows people to be more open to accepting who they are. It also makes people realize their own usefulness. They therefore feel valued and this confidence affects their whole life,” explains Brigitte Dorval, adaptation worker who helps people develop autonomy, in particular by directing them towards social involvement.

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