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Do your children or grandchildren have a handy soul and you do too? If you live near a forest or have a garden this summer, the book Set up camp in the forest reveals a wealth of ideas to occupy them and forge lots of family memories. The book offers 50 creations with wood and string. Accompanied by an adult, the little adventurer can learn to build a watermill on a stream, a fishing rod, a bamboo mobile and even… a tree house. A good way, too, to awaken the youngest to the wonders of a very close and familiar nature.

By Benoît Delalandre, illustrated by Amandine Labarre and Benjamin Strickler, Milan, 64 p., €13.90



Bringing a “street bible” to life

“In the Bible, there are so many stories that resemble us, it feels good. » This is one of the testimonies collected by the French Bible Alliance from the homeless. Requested by several aid organizations for the most precarious, this interfaith association wishes to offer these audiences a “Bible of the street”, adapted to their living conditions. The object has already been designed, thanks to the remarks of homeless people, with a zipper to protect the book from bad weather, a Word of Life translation accessible to all, increased characters for better readability, not to mention a QR code for refer to useful sites (like 115, Entourage, etc.). To make this project a reality, a crowdfunding campaign was set up., on the “French Bible Alliance” page


Trisomy 21

Supporting the adventure of a father and his daughter

Raising awareness of trisomy 21 on the pilgrimage route to Compostela. This is the challenge given to Cyprien Francart and his daughter Philippine, 11, carrier of the disease. For three years, every summer, they have traveled part of the way. On June 26, they set off again in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande (Gironde), with the aim of reaching Pamplona, ​​in Spain. Then, eventually, to offer a film about the whole adventure. To make their project a reality, a HelloAsso pot has been launched. But already, the father of the family posts a summary of their days and their meetings on Facebook every evening.

Kitty on (keywords: exego compostelle)



Combat isolation

How to overcome social isolation, from which 13% of young people suffer today, according to the Fondation de France (2020 survey)? Toulouse’s Alae Elhayyate decided to create the Frimake application to counter this scourge and encourage friendly encounters. « Climbing outing », « tapas evening » or a simple « walk », users can propose the activity of their choice on the application and meet in small groups. A good way, too, to discover new sporting and fun activities close to home. Created in 2019, the application already has 150,000 members throughout France.


Direct from the producers

In the L’Hebdo team, we have become accustomed to exchanging our good addresses. This summer, we share them with our readers.

Antibes ravioli

Perrin’s fresh ravioli have been delighting amateurs for several generations. Handcrafted, they offer several flavors. According to Anne Ponce, editorial director, the Niçois ravioli with Provençal stew remain incomparable, even if you can be seduced by the truffle or ricotta-spinach flavor. Two minutes in boiling water and, presto, on the plate.

Boulay macaroons

The people of Lorraine as well as gourmets from all over the world delight in this delicate fondant treasure made in Moselle. We prefer it (by far) to the versions of the great Parisian pastry chefs. The recipe dates back to 1864 and the “living heritage company” label attests to high-level craftsmanship.

The Beaufort of Saint-Sorlin-d’Arves

The dairy cooperative of the Arves valley directly processes raw, whole milk, harvested in the mountain pastures. Result: a gourmet PDO cheese, with a yellow and tender paste. The online site also allows you to order other specialties from the region, Reblochon or Tome des Bauges.


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