« I lost all my furniture »: victims of the deluge in Montreal fear the rain of the next few days

Heavy showers are expected in the province for the next 48 hours, which worries residents of Greater Montreal who were affected by the deluge on September 13th.

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In the most affected neighborhoods of Montreal, we can still see the extent of the damage. Several material goods of flooded housing litter the ground of the metropolis.

18-year-old Hugo Cardinal saw his first apartment flooded. He and his roommate are still at work cleaning up the mess.

“I take it easy. At least I’m insured. It is sure that it is not the « fun ». I empty the room, I talk to my insurance and my landlords. We are not badly helpless. I lost all my furniture,” he said.

For many of the victims, it is the memories that remain irreplaceable.

Environment and Climate Change Canada forecasts 30 to 50 mm of rain in the next 48 hours. On September 13, no less than 110 mm of rain fell in downtown Montreal.


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