« I could not believe my eyes »


The festive season is upon us and you can guarantee that it will be necessary to buy something fancy dress for an event – whether it’s for you or for the children. But what we don’t really expect is to see anything X-rated among Queen Elsa and Moana’s costumes.

Sydney, Australia Mother-of-two Katrina was shopping for her daughter’s end-of-year concert costume at a popular party store in suburban Alexandria when she came across a package that forced her to make a double take.

« I was looking for white gloves for my daughter’s Christmas concert, then I saw something that I couldn’t help but laugh at, » she said. Kidspot.

The item that stopped the mum in her tracks was a rather hilarious X-rated genie costume with a lamp around her groin with instructions saying « rub me down ».

« I could not believe my eyes ! »

The ‘Genie in the Lamp’ costume was on sale at the store for a bargain price of $29.50 and although initially hilarious, the mum was shocked to see the costume, clearly aimed at adults, sat among the items costume for children. .

« When I first saw it I did a double take and laughed before I took a picture of it and sent it to my friends. But then I thought how great it is. It was bad that while I was there looking for children’s items, it was there,” the stunned mother explained.

Luckily for Katrina, her children or any other children with other patrons were not present, so the item went unnoticed by innocent little eyes.

The mom did a double take after seeing the dodgy costume.

« I was glad the kids weren’t with me because my 9-year-old is definitely old enough to notice that there’s something a little gross about the picture. Not for the ‘rub it off’ comment. me,” but just the fact that the beak is in the area it is,” she said.

Still, the mum could see the fun side of things and revealed that while it’s definitely not something she would show the kids, she’s not exactly ruling out buying it for her next children’s fancy dress party. adults.

« I didn’t buy it but I told my husband it would be his next costume, » she laughed.

Accidentally X-rated Christmas items shock customers

Earlier in September, as Christmas decorations began rolling out in stores, another shopper was strolling through Big W when she came across a box of festive lights that looked a bit dodgy.

“So uh…. tell me I’m not the only one who thinks these are really REALLY festive… I mean a little HARD to miss yeah??? she shared in the Christmas Moms Australia Facebook group.

The buyer was referring to a box of Mirabella Genio Festoon Lights, which are sold in stores and online for $45.

« Whether you use this set indoors or outdoors, they’ll brighten up your space, » the retailer’s website describes the decorations, which can be controlled from your phone using an app.

The buyer wasn’t the only one who noticed the X shape of the lights. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, they’re laughing because they look like they’re shaped like a penis!

“Another way of saying light up your life,” one online shopper commented.

“My kids saw them yesterday at Big W and they cracked up at the penis lights lol,” another added.


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