Hurricane Ian: Snowbirds fear losing everything

Many snowbirds feel helpless in the face of Hurricane Ian and fear losing their Florida home.

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“You have a membership and you want to be there to see, I guess, what will happen and everything. It’s sure that it’s park houses, so it’s like a card game, ”says TVA Nouvelles Marie-Josée Leclerc, who owns a house in the center of the state.

She is also worried about one of her neighbors who decided to stay in her trailer during the passage of the hurricane.

« I have a heavy heart for the people who are there, but thinking about all this, it sure hurts, » she says.

Some, like Ms. Cedilot, follow the evolution of the storm using a surveillance camera.

“In the space of, I would say, an hour, those who know a bit about the Naples Pier, it’s about twenty feet of water. It overflows, it’s in the restaurants, it goes over. There are places in Naples where it’s really flooded, ”she reports.

She doesn’t know if her mobile home, which has withstood three hurricanes, will stay in place this time around.

“We have no news. We cross our fingers. We have insurance, we can’t do anything. We wait. But I think it’s worse than Irma,” she said.


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