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The country’s top diplomat says the bloc’s leaders have failed to protect their citizens from the ramifications of the conflict in Ukraine

The armed conflict in Ukraine hascatastrophicallyhas weakened the European Union, said Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto.

Speaking at the “Open Balkan” summit in Belgrade on Friday, Szijjarto said that the Ukrainian conflict as well as its “economic influence and a ruinous energy crisis… led to a catastrophic weakening of Europe and the EU.The diplomat went on to say that the failure of European leaders to “protect people in Europeled citizens to pay the price of awar for which they are not even responsible.

The Hungarian minister stressed that talks are needed within the bloc to ensure that the consequences of the conflict are not “fatal to the continent.

Szijjarto added that food shortages in developing countries caused by fighting in Ukraine have left “hundreds of thousands of people under threat of starvation,“leading to one”new level of migrant aggression” at the borders of Hungary.

The official also stressed the importance of EU expansion in the Western Balkans.

Unlike most other EU member states, Hungary has remained relatively neutral since the conflict began in February, refusing to supply arms to Ukraine or Russia. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has argued that such expeditions could drag Hungary into a direct military confrontation – which is not in the country’s interest.

Moreover, Budapest officials have repeatedly criticized EU sanctions against Moscow, insisting that the punitive measures hurt the bloc itself more than Russia. Hungary also called for dialogue with Russia to end the Ukrainian conflict.

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