Humane Society of Edmonton offers tips for preparing pets for fireworks

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Many Edmontonians are likely looking forward to the New Year’s Eve fireworks on Saturday, but some, including creatures with sensitive hearing, might need a little more consideration before the show begins.

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« Celebrations that involve fireworks can be very stressful for our pets because they experience the world differently than we do, » the organization said. « For an animal, fireworks are unexpected and unpredictable, and the noise and physical sensations that fireworks create can cause a lot of stress. »

Prior to the launch, the Humane Society recommends speaking with a veterinarian who may be able to prescribe medications or treatments to make the animals feel more comfortable when the fireworks go off.

But a comfortable home environment can also help creatures find refuge from air blasts outdoors, the humane society said, which means making sure pets have access to their favorite burrows or hiding places to help them feel safe.

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Owners can also close blinds and hang up blankets or rugs to dampen noise, secure access points such as doors and windows, and ensure their pets carry ID with their contact details in case of escape.

Once the event begins, owners should make sure their pets are indoors and at home before offering an activity to occupy them, such as a puzzle, frozen treat, dig box or object to scratch or shred, said the Humane Society.

Running a fan, playing white noise, and moving to a quiet basement or room can help drown out the sound of explosions.

And finally, comforting and supporting a pet during fireworks can also help them feel safe, but punishing them for displaying unwanted behavior could cause them to associate fireworks with stress, said the Humane Society.

There are also opportunities to help them prepare for the next time, the organization added.

« Train by taking treats with you and whenever your pet hears a loud noise — like something falling on the floor or a loud car passing by — give your pet plenty of treats, » the humane society says. . « Desensitizing your pet in a positive way can help them cope better. »



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