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Howard Stern denounces Novak Djokovic’s “f *** nut” anti-vax stance

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Howard Stern took a break after bashing Aaron Rodgers and turned his furious attention to Novak Djokovic, calling him all kinds of not-so-nice names.

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“What the hell is that asshole?” Stern said. “They should throw him out of tennis right away.”

The swearing rant came on her Tuesday show – before Djokovic released a social media statement on Wednesday, admitting that he did not immediately isolate himself after testing positive for COVID-19 last month, denied knowing he had the virus when he attended public events, and apologized for “human error” by its support staff for “checking the wrong box” in its travel declaration.

Stern already thought Djokovic was worse than Rodgers, saying the tennis star’s reluctance to get the shot was “like saying smoking is a private decision.” Don’t fucking smoke me in the face.

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He added: “What a dummy, just a big stupid tennis player.”

When Robin Quivers, Stern’s co-host, pointed out that the tennis player had recently had COVID, the host replied that the world’s No.1 tennis player “could lie” and urged the “d-bag” “to” stay away from other people. “

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Djokovic’s vaccination saga began last month, after he requested a vaccine exemption to enter Australia on the basis of having COVID in the past six months – but did not disclose his vaccination status.