how to do it and at what price?

Two days before the start of the Made in France fair, Thursday in Paris, the French furniture industry announced at a press conference its plans for reindustrialization and decarbonization by 2030. For the moment, the major brands we think of first when it comes to furnishing his apartment or his house do not manufacture in France. Finding local furniture requires knowing where to look, and many sites have sprung up for that.

“Some manufacturers sell directly, for example Lafuma Furniture “, quotes Cathy Dufour, the general delegate of French Furniture. This company, whose factory is located in Anneyron, in the Drôme, specializes in garden furniture. Same thing for Fermoba company located in Thoissey, in Ain, or for Gautier, which has 70 stores in France and whose factories are in Vendée. In terms of kitchens, two much better known companies are French: Schmidt is from Alsace, while Mobalpa is based in Thônes, in Haute-Savoie.

Distributors who promote Made in France

“Among more general distributors, a certain number of them have a sourcing policy very oriented towards Made in France, and others make the effort to put filters on their site to help the consumer find, ”explains Cathy Dufour. For example, she cites La Redoute, which offers a “Made in France” category when you click on its “More responsible” tab. She is pleased with the fact that the distributors have indeed adopted the “Meublez-vous français” logo, launched three years ago by the French Furniture organization.

Then there are distributor platforms specializing in the sale of French furniture. For example, the site camif offers a selection made in France, but also furniture from elsewhere with an ecological commitment. On the other hand, the site Simon Simonecreated in 2020, exclusively offers French brands.

Finding French products remains easier for certain types of furniture than for others. Cathy Dufour talks about chairs, which were not easy to buy French a few years ago. Since then, brands like The French Chair, whose manufacture is in Aube. We can also mention the brand Nicolle chairswhose factory is located in Meaux.

Buy French at a lower budget

When browsing through these selections of French brands, for example on Simon-Simone, we see much higher prices than in large retail stores such as Ikea, But, Conforama, etc., which makes sense due to the cost of French workforce. But Cathy Dufour maintains that it is also possible to buy Made in France at a lower budget: “For example the brand Temahome, which has a production site in France and one in Portugal, makes kit furniture, which is sold via marketplaces. »

According to her, the desire to buy French has become more democratic: “At the Made in France show, at the beginning, we only saw people who were very committed to ecology. Today, we see young couples, families, more traditional consumers. We feel that people are concerned about where it is made, both for the guarantee of quality and for the commitment to decarbonization. »

Rent your furniture

For reduced budgets, she also mentions the possibility of renting furniture. This is particularly possible via the Simon-Simone site. Furniture can be rented for 12 or 24 months. At the end of the rental, the customer can extend it or rent others. He can also decide at any time to buy the piece of furniture, in which case the monthly installments already paid are subtracted from the base price of the piece of furniture.


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