How immigration assistance services also support local businesses

The labor shortage is no longer a phenomenon isolated to a few sectors of activity. Faced with the growing number of vacant positions, immigration appears to be an essential solution to ensure the province’s growth. In this context, the mission of organizations helping and welcoming newcomers takes on an increasingly important role. Decryption.

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1. The impact of the labor shortage on Quebec’s growth

For several years, Quebec businesses have been hit hard by the labor shortage. If previously it targeted more so-called qualified positions, it now extends to all professions and fields of activity.

At the same time, the unemployment rate continues to fall and has reached a historic low. It stood at 4.3% in Quebec in July 2022 and we find the employment rates before the pandemic. However, there is also a growing number of vacancies. Minister Jean Boulet estimates that no fewer than 1.4 million positions will need to be filled by 2030.

This labor shortage is a real brake on growth. Companies face difficulties in maximizing their profits. They suffer from production and delivery delays, some projects are on hold. They are struggling to reach their full growth potential and are experiencing particularly frustrating periods of stagnation in a context where the Quebec economy is flourishing.

In addition, the aspirations of employees have changed. Workers are now demanding better working conditions, including greater flexibility. Retaining teams is becoming more and more complicated for companies. Competition is fierce to attract the best talent, which inevitably leads to strong pressure on higher salaries and benefits.

2. International recruitment and local companies

The situation is leading to more foreign trade to meet the needs of Quebec businesses in the years to come. Recruiting talent internationally is indeed a serious option to make up for the lack of workers. Immigration can help offset the imbalance created. It is thus estimated that 22% of the labor supply that would make it possible to fill vacant positions by 2026 will come from the future immigrant population.

Companies must therefore adapt their recruitment processes to attract international talent. French-speaking countries, such as France or Belgium, are particularly targeted to facilitate and accelerate the integration of new recruits. In these European countries, the economic situation is quite different. Young people find it very difficult to enter the job market. The employment rate for young people aged 15 to 24 is at its highest level for more than 20 years, but it is only 33.8%.

The multiplicity of positions offered in all of its sectors makes Quebec a territory of choice for finding a job. It’s a win-win relationship: the province is looking for skilled and determined recruits to support its growth, and talent around the world is looking for new opportunities to grow in their careers.

3. Facilitate the process for newcomers thanks to organizations like PROMIS

While immigration is a potential lever for Québec’s growth, the fact remains that means must be put in place to enable newcomers to integrate easily and quickly into the labor market. This is how the government supports and funds organizations such as PROMIS to facilitate the integration process for newcomers and support companies wishing to welcome them.

PROMIS helps newcomers free of charge to promote their long-term settlement in Quebec. The PROMIS team thus guides immigrants to enable them to take full advantage of the opportunities available once they arrive, directs them to various government programs and offers them personalized support. In fact, through individual meetings, but also various workshops, information sessions and conferences organized by the organization, PROMIS accompanies newcomers to facilitate their integration, not only into the job market, but also into the Quebec society by addressing a wide range of topics related to life in Quebec society.

Its advisers put local businesses and newcomers in touch with each other to ensure that vacancies are filled. As fluency in French is essential for them to fully thrive in the workplace, PROMIS also offers the government’s free French course program for all levels.

PROMIS also directly offers its assistance to companies in order to properly integrate immigrants who join their ranks. Its team offers personalized support with regard to the administrative procedures to be undertaken in order to lighten and facilitate as much as possible the entire process of recruiting a newcomer. PROMIS is also able to support companies in drafting their internal inclusion and diversity policies.

Finally, the specialist advisors can find training likely to interest the workers concerned and allow them to evolve within their company, which ultimately proves to be equally beneficial for both parties.

In short, immigrant reception and assistance organizations then appear as major players in supporting local businesses.

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