How a Community Came Together for a Brutally Attacked NS Dog


A community of animal lovers in the Maritimes have come together to help a young Nova Scotian woman after her dog was badly stabbed by an intruder.

“I found it in the closet. He was having trouble breathing and there was a lot of blood,” said Mariah Godin of Dartmouth, N.S.

Godin said she returned home just before midnight on September 29 to a gruesome scene. While she was out, an intruder broke into her home and repeatedly stabbed her four-year-old puppy named Boo.

« I thought I lost it, » she said between tears.

She said she called the police who helped her take Boo to the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic where he underwent life-saving surgery.

According to Halifax Regional Police, a man called police around 11:40 p.m. on September 29, wanting to surrender after an incident on Windmill Road. The man was arrested near the Macdonald Bridge.

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Police said the man was due to return to Dartmouth East Coast Forensic Hospital, but did not return. Officers had been looking for him since 9:45 p.m. that evening.

The man arrested earlier in the night, Bradley MacIntyre, has been charged in this incident.

The 26-year-old faces charges of breaking and entering, possession of a weapon and animal cruelty.

“I thank God she wasn’t home. I thank God for Boo,” said Godin’s mother, Deborah Hutchinson, who said the animal was a hero in her eyes.

« I really feel like he saved someone’s life. Maybe his maybe somebody else’s,” Hutchinson said.

« I don’t think anyone can do that to her unless she’s really unwell, » Godin said.

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Godin said his pup survived but was still traumatized.

He was cared for by Dr Kelsey Harding at the Metro Animal Emergency Clinic in Dartmouth.

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“Boo suffered serious penetrating injuries to both chest and abdomen,” Harding wrote in an email.

« These injuries were life threatening and he was in critical condition when he presented to me. Boo required a blood transfusion, multiple procedures and very close monitoring for approximately 36 hours before being transferred to AVC for ongoing assessment and care.

Harding said cases of animal abuse « take a heavy toll » on those who work in animal hospitals.

« Anyone who works in veterinary or human medicine has cases in their career that stick with them, Boo’s case will be one of those for me, » she said.

The Metro Animal Emergency Clinic has waived its multi-thousand dollar veterinary bill, Godin said. But, as Boo recovers from his last surgery at Atlantic Veterinary College in Chartlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Godin said he still has more than $20,000 left in vet bills.

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Desperate for help, she said her friend had started a GoFundMe campaign.

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« With where everything is in the community and in the world, I was like, ‘is anyone even going to notice?' » she asked.

They did more than that.

Animal lovers around the world have already donated more than $17,000 to help cover the cost of saving Boo’s life.

« Everyone just gave us so much love, » Godin said.

« These are good people coming together and being there to help and support, » Hutchinson said.

Recovery for both animal and owner will take time, but Godin said the outpouring of love and support following the senseless act of violence « kinda gave me my confidence back. »

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