hospitals start “job dating”

After the teachers, the caregivers. “Job dating” (informal meetings to attract potential candidates) is on the increase in hospitals and clinics. Since the great desertion of nursing staff after the health crisis, professionals are scarce. « At the moment, there are 60,000 vacant nursing positions in hospitals in France », specifies Thierry Amouroux, spokesperson for the National Union of Nursing Professionals (SNPI).

To deal with this, health establishments are going into seduction mode. At the Rennes University Hospital, we are satisfied with the results of a job dating organized in September: « 57 people were recruited, including 19 nurses and 15 nursing assistants », welcomes Erwann Paul, director of human resources of the establishment. 19 nurses, so many rare pearls for the hospital.

Reverse interviews

Among those that the CHU managed to attract in its nets: Mélanie, 44 years old. She went to the Magic Hall hotel in Rennes on September 15. There, the welcome was neat: buffet, cocktails… « A relaxed atmosphere », she describes, far from the daily life under pressure of understaffed caregivers. After being identified by a sticker corresponding to her profession, Mélanie exchanges informally for about ten minutes with a senior executive. “We felt that she was selling me the establishment. I felt more like she was trying to convince me to accept an interview. » A more formal exchange is immediately offered to him for the next morning.

To retain its staff, like several other university hospitals, that of Rennes directly offers its new recruits, nurses and caregivers, to sign a permanent contract. “I was surprised by this proposal, usually we chain the fixed-term contracts. When you have children, it’s reassuring to be on a permanent contract », rejoices Mélanie, integrated into the hematology department. If the nurse is satisfied with her experience with the institution, she recognizes » to have good luck « . « We are complete in my department, we are three nurses and two caregivers for 21 patients, but it is not the same for my colleagues in other departments », regret the mother of the family.

Open house events

To reach as many professionals as possible, the Toulouse University Hospital organizes video job dating: « We had to adapt to the difficulty of recruiting, and that allows us to increase the volume of candidates », explains HRD Édouard Douhéret.

In Poitiers too, we innovate. On October 7 and 8, the hospital hall was converted to make room for “a friendly space”, says Sophie Guerraz, HRD of the CHU. CV in hand, the participants were able to discuss with executives of the establishment, around a buffet. The event open to the public then seemed to take the form of open doors: « High school students even came to discover the professions of the hospital, and as soon as the health evolution allows it, we will make visits to the CHU », announces Sophie Guerraz, enthusiastic.

Disenchanted health professionals

If job dating is a “new recruitment lever” for healthcare facilities, « staff retention is difficult in a highly mobile society », explains Édouard Douhéret. For his part, the SNPI spokesperson wishes to recall that « regardless of the reception conditions at the time of recruitment, what counts are the working conditions ». For the nurse, these job datings are a » optical illusion « : “There is disenchantment among health professionals because we sell things that are not in line with reality. It’s a showcase. And behind this, the reality is very dark. »


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