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It’s hard to find another word to describe the attitude of Hockey Canada representatives since the sex allegations scandal broke last spring.

A deplorable and irresponsible attitude, which reached its climax in a parliamentary committee in Ottawa this week.


To hear them, the real victim would be them, our honorable bosses of Hockey Canada.

It would not be the women who would have experienced sexual assault, going as far as two gang rapes in 2018 and 2003, but they, poor « scapegoats » victims of « misinformation from the media » and politicians, as has said Andrea Skinner, Hockey Canada’s new Board Chair.

According to her, not one Hockey Canada official was “inappropriate”. All deserve an “A” grade for handling sex scandals, including CEO Scott Smith.

You see, as the CEO said this summer, if they have compensated 22 victims since 1989, it was to “support victims and families”, not to “protect its image”. Me yeah…

No need for change, no need for resignations, no need for questioning, move on, Hockey Canada is fine, they tell us.

So Mme Skinner fears that arena lights will go out if the board resigns altogether. You read correctly, without Hockey Canada, electricity supplier in all arenas in the country, we would have to close the arenas.

Their defense is rock bottom.

Stop and quit

All this circus has limits. Until the bosses of Hockey Canada find a minimum of lucidity, that they reconnect with reality, there is only one way that can disturb them: money.

That we collectively turn off the lights on Hockey Canada, that the sponsors continue to drop them, that the broadcasters drop them, that the associations, teams and players boycott them, that the viewers ignore them…

This sports organization, always smug with its privileges, today learns of the existence of the word accountability.

You’re not used to being challenged when you’ve always been king in your kingdom.



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