Hey, Doug Ford, do you really care about kids like you claim?

Premier Doug Ford and his ministers care about our children when they can use them as a stick to beat unions, but not when they are sick in intensive care units. Our Prime Minister is passive when it comes to building roads and helping his fellow developers.

Who will replace John Tory in four years? A look at insiders, outsiders – and a surprising longshot, November 14

Incumbent Councilor John Filion speculates that in four years Doug Ford could run for Toronto mayor again. Maybe he will, but what’s more damaging is that Ford wants to be mayor of every municipality in Ontario right now.

Ford wants to tell municipalities when and how far they will expand urban boundaries, whether wetlands need to be paved, and whether they can consult with local conservation authorities about the impacts of proposed developments.

Ford has selected specific plots all around the GTA for immediate removal from the Greenbelt. In 2018, he promised major developers that he would open up the Greenbelt. Then he promised voters that he not open the Greenbelt.

It’s clear which group Ford, Mayor of Everytown, actually serves.

Bart Hawkins Kreps, Bowmanville, Ont.

“Where is the funding for health care? » critics ask Ford, November 16

As I watch the Ford government underfund our public schools and our healthcare system nearly overwhelmed by serious childhood illnesses, I see them using their budget surplus ($2.1 billion in 2021-2022) to pay down debt. and reward companies with tax giveaways.

Ford’s plan to destroy our greenbelt is being used to line the pockets of his wealthy developer friends.

The suffering of the people of this province is of no importance to this government. Doug Ford’s political interests are his sole concern.

Prime Minister’s gas tax cut is unnecessary populism, November 15

My suggestion to Doug Ford is that in addition to posing at a gas station, pumping gas into his big SUV, he should take pictures with people who have been waiting in emergency rooms for hours to get medical care. In his genius thinking, perhaps Ford concluded that since more people are pumping gas every day than those who wait for hours in an emergency room, this (stunt photo) might help his dismal approval rating.

It is clear that neither health nor education are priorities for him. Just populist movements.

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