Here’s who’s running for Ward 5 – and why they say you should vote for them

CBC News reached out to all of the Ward 5 candidates, asking the same questions so voters can learn a bit more about who their next councilor might be.

Ken Acton

CBC News has contacted the contestant about the questionnaire, he has not responded as of the date of this publication.

Alessandro DidonAlex

CBC News has contacted the contestant about the questionnaire, he has not responded as of the date of this publication.

Caitlyn Desmarais

CBC News has contacted the contestant about the questionnaire, he has not responded as of the date of this publication.

Ed Suleiman

Ed Sleiman is seeking re-election in Ward 5 Windsor. (Hebert Studios)

Age: 79

Occupation: Member of Windsor City Council, Ward 5

Where do you live? Ward 5

Live: 12 years as a member of the municipal council of Ward 5, as well as:

• University of Windsor – Bachelor of Applied Science in Industrial Engineering.
• University of Michigan – Associate’s Degree in Industrial Education.
• St. Clair College – Management Studies.
• Taught trade-related courses to journeypersons and apprentices.
• Former Member – Professional Engineers Ontario, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Canada Green Building Council.

What are the main issues facing your department? Invest in Quartier 5 to improve quality of life. Over the past 12 years, I have brought unprecedented levels of infrastructure spending on roads, sewers and sidewalks to Ward 5, keeping pedestrians, cyclists and motorists safe. Delivered many improvements and amenities for Ward 5. Continuing my commitment to an age-friendly city while seeking employment opportunities for our youth. Affordable housing obviously has an impact on many people in our neighbourhood. I advocated and focused efforts on streamlining development approvals and building permits to attract more affordable housing being built for young families.

Why are you the right person for the job? I have always been fiscally accountable, transparent, accountable and accessible and support the role of the Auditor General and the asset management plan to achieve savings, control costs and protect the environment in order to deliver quality public services at a cost taxpayers can afford.

I have fought to reduce our debt significantly, increasing our ability to pay as we go for many projects, which means savings for taxpayers.

My 12-year tenure and experience on the board will be the steady hand needed to deliver the Stellantis, LG Battery Factory to create thousands of new jobs and stay on track for building a multi-million dollar healthcare, hospital for the City of Windsor.

My lifelong experience in the construction industry makes me a most effective watchdog for taxpayers to minimize any cost overruns on municipal infrastructure and construction projects.

Something you would like voters to know about you:

My decision to get re-elected was easy. I like what I do. It is my passion to work diligently with my colleagues on Council on many issues important to both my Ward 5 and the City of Windsor as a whole. Granted, I’m a workaholic who puts in over 60 hours a week – working hard to give the residents of Ward 5 the representation they deserve. I’m still on call and running the extra nine yards for my constituents.

Currie Soulliere

Currie Soulliere runs in Ward 5 Windsor. (Submitted by Currie Soulliere)

Age: 38

Occupation: Mother, writer, artist, activist and rally coordinator

Where do you live? Windsor, Ont.

Live: I have spent the past two years as a leader of Windsor’s organized response to COVID restrictions. It compelled me to keep abreast of current developments and to cooperate with diverse, capable, and stubborn people. It has been the most educational and rewarding experience of my life. Navigating hierarchies and regulations is easy; helping groups find common ground despite conflicting aspirations is hard work, and it turns out I’m good at it.

What are the main issues facing your department? Whichever side of the fence we stand on, we can all agree that our community is suffering after the past two years of COVID restrictions. Ward 5 faces universal challenges: economic, social, emotional, and spiritual depression. Let’s rebuild Ward 5 our way. More freedom for small businesses to develop solutions that work best for them. More respect for medical confidentiality in hiring practices and employment policies. More official information resources to help clarify regulations and empower residents to develop independence from resources. In other words, I would like to allow residents to use their private property efficiently, save money and need less money in the first place. We also need to find honest and compassionate solutions to growing crime and opioid addiction.

Why are you the right person for the job? I enjoy digging into the details and grappling with fundamental conflicts in search of creative solutions. Nothing like finding a satisfactory compromise for a community. It’s often very possible to « take your cake and eat it too », if you’re willing to think outside the box.

Something you would like voters to know about you: To learn more about my vision for Ward 5, visit

Richard Saint Denis

Richard St. Denis is running for council for Ward 5 Windsor. (Submitted by Richard St. Denis/Sooters)

Age: 60 years

Occupation: Retired from Stellantis Windsor Assembly (August 2020), now part-time Arbor Memorial

Where do you live? Owned my home with my wife and son (in college for a Masters) in Ward 5 for 22 years

Live: The first delegation was with Mayor Mike Hurst, a delegate to every mayor and council since. Delegate to WECEC, WDLC and currently Chair of the Unifor Windsor Regional Environmental Council.

What are the main issues facing your department? Communicating with council both in terms of speaking up about issues and listening to residents; quality of life, including safety and neighborhood concerns, and investments from private groups and city council budgets. I graduated at the top of my accounting program at St.Clair College and was immediately hired by my accounting professor at his company.

Why are you the right person for the job? I have been active in the community for three decades, not only in my chosen career field (the environment), but in many other aspects, including serving on the board of several groups, 21 years with Scouts Canada, two years as Captain Miracle of June 27, as well as several church groups, including a Sunday school teacher, an usher, and a church council.

Something you would like voters to know about you: I have always been known as the person people turn to when they want results. During my time at the Windsor Assembly, I won several awards for programs and initiatives that work. One such program involved planting over 1,500 trees in Ward 5. There is always an opportunity to improve the situation and I am always looking for the best and most efficient method to achieve success.


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