Here are July’s hot TV shows to watch

Television no longer has the scorching days of summer when new shows were scarce and reruns reigned supreme.

July is a particularly busy month this year, with a wide variety of offers. Here’s what to watch out for – from goofy comedies to taut dramas to docuseries.

« Magie »

In this comedy series, Maggie (Rebecca Rittenhouse, “Four Weddings and a Funeral”) is a woman in her thirties who runs a psychic operation – but she also has real abilities. Her love life becomes complicated when she begins to glimpse her client’s future…and it involves her.

Premiere Date: July 6 on Hulu

« Boo, bitch »

The comedy stars Lana Condor (« To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before ») and is directed by Erin Ehrlich (« Crazy Ex Girlfriend ») and Lauren Lungerich (« On My Block »). It revolves around a high school student who lives under the radar but wants to be noticed. One night, she gets the chance to make her life more epic, but the next morning she finds out she’s now a ghost. Hey, it happens.

Air date: July 8 on Netflix

Lana Condor in « Boo Bitch ».

« Black bird »

A psychological thriller starring Taron Egerton and Ray Liotta (in one of his later roles) and based on a true story. When Jimmy Keene (Egerton), a high school football star and the son of a cop, is convicted of drug trafficking, he is offered a choice: he can spend 10 years in prison or be transferred to a maximum security prison for criminals. alienated. befriend a suspected serial killer (Paul Walter Hauser) and discover where the bodies of his victims are buried. Based on Keene’s true crime memoir « In With The Devil: A Fallen Hero, A Serial Killer, and A Dangerous Bargain for Redemption ».

Premiere date: July 8 on AppleTV+

Taron Egerton on a phone booth in prison.
Taron Edgerton in « Blackbird ».

« Claim the Fame »

Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas (siblings of the most famous Nick and Joe Jonas), this reality TV series follows 12 famous parents as they live in the same house, try to keep their identities secret, compete in for a cash prize and play « DNA Detective » on each other.

Premiere date: July 11 on ABC (10 p.m.)

Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas smile side by side.
Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas in « Claim to Fame ».

« Everything is trash »

Created by and starring Phoebe Robinson (« 2 Dope Queens »), this comedy follows Phoebe (Robinson), a 30-something Brooklyn-based woman whose savage behavior threatens her brother’s success when he launches a political campaign.

Premiere date: July 13 on Freeform (10 p.m.)

Jordan Carlos, Toccarra Cash and Phoebe Robinson sit around a table podcasting in "Everything is trash."
Jordan Carlos, Toccarra Cash and Phoebe Robinson in « Everything’s Trash ».
free form

« Five Guys a Week »

Each episode of this reality show focuses on a new woman as she dates five different men over the course of a week – while they’re all living in her home, of course.

Premiere Date: July 13 on Lifetime (10 p.m.)

« Resident Evil »

A new sci-fi zombering offering in the popular franchise. It’s 14 years after a virus caused the apocalypse, and Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) tries to survive, while trying to figure out what happened to her sister.

Air date: July 14 on Netflix

« Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons »

This docuseries chronicles the rise and fall of the famed lingerie empire while examining the relationship between former CEO Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein.

Premiere Date: July 14 on Hulu

« Paper Girls »

A sci-fi series that feels like part « Stranger Things », part « Yellowjackets ». It is based on a comic by Brian K. Vaughan (« Runaways ») and follows four girls who are sent on an adventure through time as they deliver newspapers the day after Halloween in 1988. During their journey, they meet future versions of themselves.

Premiere date: July 29 on Prime Video

Ali Wong as adult Erin and Riley Lai Nelet as young Erin in "paper girls" holding hands in a dark room, looking worried.
Ali Wong as adult Erin and Riley Lai Nelet as young Erin in “Paper Girls.”
Anjali Pinto/Prime Video


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