Here are 20 standout TV moments of 2022

Again this year, TV made us experience a wide range of emotions. Whether in the depth of its characters or the dramatic plots of its fiction, by bringing us the often disturbing news and by being at the forefront of major sporting events, or even by creating excitement in its reality shows, the TV transports us. A very personal summary in 20 television moments of 2022.

1) Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars

What went through the actor’s head when he took to the stage to punch Chris Rock? We all thought it was a bad joke. But no, the lion has released its claws and shown a very bad example (and, who knows, a dark side of itself?).

2) Make menopause sexy with Loto-Meno

Véronique Cloutier shed light on a disorder that affects 50% of the population almost silently and, until recently, almost without support. His epilogue when the Minister of Health Christian Duguay confirms to Véronique free access to bio-identical hormones is a great victory.

3) The secret boss at Big Brother Celebrities

Claudia Bouvette became the first secret boss of BBC. She dithered between several strategies. The saga ended when one of his allies, Marc-Antoine Dequoy, was eliminated. The boss’s plan has completely failed without her being able to tell.

4) Bearing witness to the war

The reporters in Russia covering the war in Ukraine have courage. No journalist is trained to cover the atrocities of war. No civilians either. I am thinking in particular of Marie-Ève ​​Bédard and Tamara Alteresco of Radio-Canada. In addition, Putin tried to muzzle them.

5) Nathalie Simard at true nature

During dinner, the singer who had the strength to denounce her attacker, Guy Cloutier, in 2004, long before the #metoo movement, returned to the feelings that inhabited her, her suicidal thoughts, her great loneliness and the fear that she still feels.

6) The end of District 31

Gathering almost 1.8 million viewers is a feat. Especially in this age of multiple platforms and on-the-go listening. Luc Dionne kept us hooked for six seasons with dense plots and endearing characters.

7) The elimination of Audrey-Louise Beauséjour from Star Academy

Photo QMI Agency, Joêl Lemay

She was one of the public’s favorite candidates. Her performances were impeccable vocally and there was an energy and charisma that radiated from her performances. She was also well liked by her roommates. His departure was also a shock for some and was felt for several weeks.

8) Jeanick Fournier’s victory at Canada’s Got Talent

Photo courtesy, City TV

In May, this palliative care worker from Saguenay surprised everyone with the power of her voice. She even dared to dip into the repertoire of her idol Celine Dion. At 50, this woman is proof that you should never give up on your dreams. For the finale, she interpreted The Show Must Go On and moved the gallery. From January, she will take part in the edition America’s Got Talent: All Stars. Proof that she made an impression.

9) Gemini settling

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge’s rambling intervention during the Gemini Night caused discomfort. We first believed in a joke, which did not however appear in the course of the gala. A settling of scores that prompted the host to apologize and admit that he needed to take a distance to think about his health.

10) The shocking dismissal

The head of the antenna CTV National News, Lisa LaFlamme, was fired last summer after a 35-year career and more than 20 years working for the newsletter. Her dismissal created an outcry from those who feared she had been sidelined because of her gray hair, suggesting a decision motivated as much by ageism as sexism.

11) Retirement for Pierre Bruneau

For 46 years, he told us the news on TVA. He was the confidant of Quebecers. We should also note other departures: the retirement of Denis Lévesque, who closed the light in his studio for the last time, that of Claude Mailhot after 50 years at RDS, then the departure of Denis Gagné from The grocery storeanother popular reference.

12) Netflix censorship Caleb’s Daughters

Photo courtesy, Radio-Canada

One of our legendary series, set at the beginning of the last century. To avoid offending some people, the Netflix giant removed the episode where Ovila, to play one of the Three Kings of the nursery, wore “blackface”. Our mores have changed fortunately, but we must not erase history. When we represent it, it is with the knowledge of an era and not our current values ​​to disguise it.

13) The killing of the Galas Artis and Québec Cinéma

Hard knocks for the galas in Quebec. TVA took advantage of the pandemic to put an end to the big evening where the public underlined its love for its artists. Then, the state company cut off the gala from the cinema, which was struggling to find its audience. The galas remain a promotional tool to make our culture shine, let’s not forget that.

14) Bullying at Double occupancy Martinique

It’s hard to do reality TV these days. Three candidates were expelled. The sponsors fled the boat. We were dealing with negative leaders. But this kind of competition fuels temperamental beings and bickering. It’s what keeps us hooked even if it confronts us in our values. A precedent has been set. Let’s see what the future holds.

15) The audacity of Pet

We have said it several times this fall, Pet approached a delicate subject: a teacher who falls in love with her student. The representation of this consenting relationship could have fallen into moralism or bad taste, but Simon Boulerice treated it with discernment and a lot of humanity.

16) Dodo and Diana at Live from the universe

First of all, it was a big coup for the France Beaudoin team to celebrate Dominique Michel’s 90th birthday. For the occasion, the great singer-songwriter Diane Juster made a rare presence on TV. A performance noticed by all generations.

17) Poetry and Risk to Revolution

I am often blown away by the performances of dancers who surpass themselves every year and at every stage of the competition. We have seen perilous revolutions, movements as audacious as they are creative, risk-taking. We also witnessed poetic moments. We were told stories through well-executed choreographies such as that ofAlice in Wonderland.

18) Véronique Beliveau at Masked singers

The beauty of the concept of Masked singers is the surprise she creates when they are unmasked. This was the case for Véronique Béliveau who has preferred shade to light for several years. However, she is still so magnificent and remains one of our great voices. A very nice catch from the team. We are delighted that she lent herself to the game.

19) The Crown and Diana

This high-budget, high-quality series has always had its detractors. The creators are criticized for having taken sides, especially in this 5th opus, and for having cut corners a little. It describes the attitude of the royal family towards Diana. The producers and Netflix are criticized for lacking in delicacy and respect by broadcasting the series when the queen has just taken her last breath.

20) A historic World Cup

It was in a thrilling final that Argentina beat France at the Soccer World Cup. Messi has become a god. It is estimated that 4.5 billion viewers were at the end of their chairs until the last shots.


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