He thought he was deaf: a headphone tip had been stuck in his ear for 5 years

A 66-year-old man believed he was going deaf. However, a medical intervention revealed that he had had an earphone tip stuck in his ear for 5 years.

Wallace Lee, a former British naval engineer, believed he had lost his hearing from working near military helicopters.

The latter not only had problems with hearing, but also with balance. The veteran said he met with his doctor to improve his situation. The latter did not see the piece of plastic since it was hidden by earwax.

Short on resources, Lee procured a cordless endoscope. To his surprise, he discovered an object in his left ear. Unable to remove it himself, he made an appointment with a surgeon.

“At first the doctor tried suction to get him out,” he told local media. Since it was too hollow, he used pliers”.

After a few minutes, the pensioner heard a “pop”, followed by a long moment of clarity. For the first time in several years, he could hear everything going on around him. Her shock at regaining her hearing, however, was replaced by the surprise of seeing her surgeon holding the tip of a wax-covered earphone.

“The last time I used this was when I traveled to Australia 5 years ago,” he says. He had purchased headphones of this type to help him sleep.

“I feel like I’m coming back to life,” exclaims Wallace Lee. He says his golf performance has greatly improved.

With information from New York Post


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