« He slipped out and found himself face to face with the other car »

Appalling. It was enough to see the devastated mine of certain speakers to understand that the drama which was tied up Sunday at the end of the afternoon was going to haunt more than one.

A psychological support cell was also triggered for the Yssingeaux firefighters and the sub-prefect for recovery Raphaëlle Korotchansky went to the scene of the tragedy.

Probably died instantly

Two 21-year-old men from Puy-en-Velay died in a violent head-on collision between two cars, which occurred on the RN88.

The shock took place on the new Lavée bridge, on the portion with a single lane per direction of traffic, at the height of the construction site for doubling the national lanes. They were probably killed instantly. In cardiorespiratory arrest and…


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