‘Harry Potter’ actor Matthew Lewis slams Air Canada as ‘the worst airline in North America’

By Brent Furdyk.

British actor Matthew Lewis is not a fan of Air Canada.

Lewis, best known for playing Neville Longbottom in all eight « Harry Potter » films, took to Twitter on Friday August 26 to express his displeasure with the airline, complaining that it’s « the worst North American airline ».

Asked to explain why by one of his followers, he replied: « Literally tearing up my post. No explanation other than ‘full flight’, » he wrote.

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« They said if I wanted to sort it out, I had to go to customer service, » he continued. “I asked where it was. « Toronto ». I’m in Orlando.

According to Lewis, he had « never experienced anything like this » before and was no stranger to being kicked out of a robbery. However, he added: ‘But at the gate, less than two minutes to board and no explanation or apology? Never. They even said if I wanted to complain or get a refund I had to contact them!

However, Lewis was quick to point out that his negative experience with the airline hasn’t affected his love for Canada.

In a statement he gave to CTV News Toronto, Lewis said he had not yet been able to speak to an Air Canada representative.

« Air Canada’s customer service is top notch, » he said. « And we, as a society, shouldn’t be okay with normalizing the profit from overbooking and kicking people out of flights. »

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A representative for Air Canada told CTV News Toronto the matter is under review.

Lewis is scheduled to appear at Fan Expo Canada, currently underway in Toronto.

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