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The annual event has been canceled in part because ‘families who don’t celebrate Halloween’ might not feel included

A Pennsylvania school district has sparked an angry response from parents after it canceled its annual Halloween parade for elementary students, officials citing security and « inclusivity » concerns.

The Lower Merion School District notified parents of the decision in an Oct. 7 letter. The move affects all six elementary schools in the district.

In an email to Fox News Digital, Amy Buckman, director of school and community relations, confirmed the decision, saying there was « concerns for the safety and security of students marching outside among crowds of unchecked adults. »

“Another is the lack of inclusivity of students whose families do not celebrate Halloween for religious or cultural reasons,” Buckman wrote. Schools will always welcome « Fun Fall Activities » in the classroom, she added.

The district had held the parades for more than 50 years, according to local channel 6ABC Action News.

Although the parade received the axe, parents were told that their children could still come to school in costume if they wished. If they dress up, children must « to dress in a way that reflects something unique about them, their interests, their culture, or their personality, » Buckman said. Costumes must also not include weapons and must allow the child to move freely, as directed.

A furious parent of a second-grader told Fox she disagreed with the approach, arguing schools should celebrate “all cultures, all religions and all opinions” with children.

“We are blessed to live in a diverse region, and we should accept that and expose our children as much as possible,” she says. Another parent of a former student called the move hypocritical « signal of virtue ».

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