Grigny: « We won a battle for the Post Office, but not the war »


In July, you obtained the reopening of a Relais Poste. Are you satisfied?

Of course, this is an important victory for the inhabitants of Grigny. I would like to point out that we won a first battle, but not the war. Because what we have been asking for for years is the return to the Grande Borne of the public postal service. But, for all that, we are delighted with the opening of this Relais Poste, where you can collect parcels, registered mail and buy stamps. With a double benefit for the populations of the Grande Borne: avoid the endless queues in front of the post office in the city center and save time. Because the inhabitants were forced to take a bus or walk to get to the city center.

A petition launched by a citizen collective collected 2,500 signatures. How was this mobilization built?

It goes back a long way. More than ten years ago, La Poste decided to close a post office after employees were attacked. Instead of finding a way out of this problem, the management preferred to lower the curtain. Since then, we have led the battle with the inhabitants and the former communist mayor Claude Vazquez, to obtain its reopening. As soon as he was elected head of Grigny, the PCF mayor, Philippe Rio, took over, meetings were held with the regional management of La Poste. We are still asking for its reopening. Recently, residents launched a petition, supported by the community, the town hall, the comrades of the PCF, because they believe they have the right to have a post office, like any other citizen. This first victory is the result of a great mobilization of citizens. We can’t do anything without them.

What battles are you leading today in Grigny to safeguard and develop public services?

We are faced with the same problems as other suburban towns or those in the countryside abandoned by the State. The inhabitants of Grigny should not be considered second-class citizens. We want more public service: a police station, a post office, etc. The battle must also be fought at the national level. This is why Philippe Rio launched in 2017 « Grigny’s call » alongside a hundred city officials. It is all together that we must move forward, in order to improve the living conditions of low-income populations.


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