Green leadership candidates pitch at launch

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OTTAWA — The six candidates vying for the leadership of the federal Greens have pledged to breathe new life into the party after a dark period of political strife and personality clashes that culminated in the resignation last year of the former chef Annamie Paul.

At the virtual campaign launch on Saturday, the candidates promised to strengthen the Greens through grassroots interactions with Canadians that focus on the core values ​​of strong environmental policies and social justice.

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The Greens currently hold two seats in the House of Commons, Mike Morrice in Kitchener Center and former leader Elizabeth May in Saanich-Gulf Islands.

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May, who is running in the leadership race on a joint ticket with crisis expert Jonathan Pedneault, says she wants to lead a party that pushes hard against the federal Liberals and New Democrats, who she says are now on ‘cruise control’ when it comes to environmental policies.

Sarah Gabrielle Baron, Simon Gnocchini-Messier and Anna Keenan and Chad Walcott are also candidates in the party’s bill contest as the “Incredible Canadian Leadership Race.”

The Greens will use a preferential ballot system to choose the new leader in two rounds of voting in October and November.

“We need to have more Greens in Parliament, and as one of two Green caucus members currently, I know that starts with having really strong leadership,” Morrice said.


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