Great white shark found dead in Cape Breton

For the second time in less than two weeks, a dead great white shark has washed up on a shore in the Maritimes.

This time the discovery was made in North Sydney, N.S.

Locals who found the large fish on Wednesday quickly reported it to the Marine Animal Response Society (MARS).

The shark was then carefully transferred to the Northern Yacht Club in North Sydney by a local boat owner.

« We got a boat out and picked it up. It drifted ashore, » said Dave Buis, the yacht club’s acting commanding officer. « We provided a fishing net to hold him down. They didn’t want to do too much damage to him. »

Buis estimated the shark to be about six feet long. He says it’s a disturbing sight to see in his area.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) Aquatic Fisheries Technician Warren Joyce says the shark is female and appears to be a juvenile.

He says it’s rare for a great white shark to wash up along a shore.

« We might hear maybe a few cases a year. Typically it’s porbeagle or blue sharks. For a white shark, that’s very rare, » Joyce said.

Joyce says the shark was recovered by DFO on Wednesday evening and will be transferred to Halifax, where a necropsy – a test that can help determine how the shark died – will be performed.

He says samples will also be taken for scientific analysis.

As for why a dead great white shark would run aground, Joyce says there could be many reasons behind it.

« It could be a natural death, it could be an accidental catch in commercial fishing gear, it could be any number of reasons, » he said.

This discovery comes just over a week after the discovery of another great white shark stranded along the New Brunswick coastline.

In this case, the experts found no evidence of capture in fishing gear or collision with a boat.

Joyce told CTV News last week that after speaking with colleagues on Cape Cod, it’s possible the shark hunted too close to the shallows and was swept away by the tide.


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