Governor Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Gunmakers to Be Sued for Negligence

« If you’ve been injured or a family member is a victim of gun violence, you can now go to court and hold these murderous gunmakers to account, » Newsom said as he signed the bill in a post. tweeted video.

The companies could be subject to prosecution if their products are « abnormally dangerous », are sold in a way that allows their illegal conversion or end up in the hands of people who are prohibited from possessing firearms.

California Democrats have redoubled their commitment to tough gun restrictions after a spate of mass shootings. Newsom asked lawmakers to speed up their schedule to send him various measures. Assemblyman Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) noted in introducing the bill to the Assembly that it was the one-year anniversary of a shooting at a San Jose rail yard.

« This mass shooting feels like a century ago because we’ve had so many mass shootings between last year and today, » Ting said.

The law is likely to face a legal challenge. Ting argued it was on solid legal ground, noting that gunmakers lost a first round of their challenge to a similar New York law.

Newsom is expected to sign a similar bill soon allowing Californians to sue people or businesses that distribute banned firearms like assault weapons. The measure, specifically modeled after a Texas law allowing individuals to sue abortion providers, has already been approved by the legislature and passed on to Newsom.


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