Government supports Diving Canada

The federal government granted a sum of $3.641 million to Diving Canada for the promotion of its sport in the country and the implementation of means for the safety of its followers.

Moreover, the Minister of Sports, Pascale St-Onge, has confirmed that an amount of $58,500 will be allocated for this purpose. In addition, $175,000 was donated for the organization of the World Junior Championships which began on Sunday at the Olympic Park sports center and which will conclude on December 4. The organization will be able to use the rest of the amount to “promote diving among the Canadian population and support the high-level athletes who represent us on the national and international scenes”.

« I am proud to support national sports associations so that they can better serve their athletes and their members, and make their sport safer, » the minister said in a press release. With our funding, Diving Canada will be able to provide safer training environments for everyone, better support high-performance athletes, and run day-to-day operations more efficiently.”

“When our athletes have more opportunities to put their skills to the test on the international stage, the whole population benefits. This is exactly what the FINA World Junior Diving Championships will accomplish, in addition to inspiring young people to strive for excellence and stay active,” she added.

The national federation has 7,021 members and the funds granted to it here come from the Sport Support Program, instituted by Sport Canada. The money devoted to the Junior Worlds is however attached to the Hosting Program of this entity.


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