Goldman Sachs lifts Covid vaccine and testing mandate for many employees

The Wall Street investment bank told staff in a memo on Tuesday that starting Sept. 6, all employees can enter its offices in the Americas, « regardless of their vaccination status, » without obligation. participate in regular testing or wear a face covering.

The new Goldman Sachs Covid policy, first reported by the New York Post, does not apply to New York, which has a vaccination mandate in place. Goldman Sachs, headquartered in Lower Manhattan, said NYC employees without an approved exemption should continue to work remotely.

Goldman Sachs’ relaxed Covid protocols show how some companies are moving in an effort to live with Covid.

« With many tools, including vaccination, improved treatments and testing now available, there is much less risk of serious illness, » Goldman Sachs wrote in the memo, which cited updated guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which no longer differentiate between vaccinated and vaccinated. unvaccinated people to define exposure and infections.

Goldman Sachs in June 2021 became one of the first major companies to call employees back to the office full-time, taking a more aggressive stance than some other employers. Three months later, the bank demanded that employees get vaccinated.

Last December, Goldman Sachs announced plans to require anyone entering its US offices to show proof of a Covid vaccination booster and the bank mandated twice-weekly testing.

Given the availability of antigen tests, the bank said in the memo that it would begin to reduce its supply of test kits to offices.

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