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Ginette Reno’s career in five souvenir photos


Ginette Reno’s career in five souvenir photos

The young Ginette Raynault was now called Reno. After winning all the singing competitions in which she participated, she launched a first 45 laps titled I like guya success followed by many others, including You will always live in my heart. At sixteen, she won the coveted title of Discovery of the Year at the Gala des artistes.


Ginette Reno’s career in five souvenir photos

In 1977, 45 years ago! That year, the singer founded her own record company, Melon-Miel, and she began a new series of shows. Two years earlier, during Saint-Jean, she had sung A little further by Jean-Pierre Ferland, in front of more than 250,000 people gathered on Mount Royal, an unforgettable event.

More popular than ever

Ginette Reno’s career in five souvenir photos

The beautiful Ginette, after Paris and Las Vegas, triumphed 24 nights in a row at Place des arts in 1980 and her album I am just a song (title track by Diane Juster), was a monster hit. Several times rewarded, it will sell more than 380,000 copies, a record for the time in Quebec and… a miracle today.


Ginette Reno’s career in five souvenir photos

The beast of the stage, at 40, deploying all the power of her voice in 1986. For 20 years already, she had led an exceptional career. She had sung with the greatest and accumulated awards, without imagining that 40 years later, she would still be in people’s hearts.

Magical moment

Ginette Reno’s career in five souvenir photos

During the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, in 2008, Ginette Reno resumed her success A bit higher with none other than Celine Dion and Jean-Pierre Ferland. In front of 250,000 people who came to the Plains of Abraham, they offered a breathtaking performance.

  • Ginette Reno moved all of Quebec on May 3, during Guy Lafleur’s state funeral at Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral, when she performed his favorite song for him, The essential.
  • The 76-year-old singer will release a new album in the fall titled Between heaven and earth. It will be as spiritual as it is concrete, including a song called The voice of men the voice of God and two recently recorded duets with internationally acclaimed German singer Vladimir Korneev. This new studio album will arrive four years after the release of For everwhich was a huge success.
  • Ginette Reno is working on various projects, including writing a film script, her own biography and a children’s story. She has released some sixty albums throughout her career, starred in several films and series, received countless awards and decorations, including recently the Legion of Honor from France.