Giant sinkhole swallows Bronx pickup truck

Wild video shows a massive sinkhole opening up in the Bronx – then completely swallowing a worker’s van.

When CBS2 first arrived on Radcliff Avenue in Morris Park after heavy rain on Monday, the hole was already the length of at least three cars, with vehicles lined up on its edge.

As his cameras rolled, the ground beneath a parked white van suddenly began to crumble – slowly rocking to his left before falling completely into the gaping hole.

Onlookers, many of whom also caught the fall on film, screamed in shock as the crash set off a series of car alarms.

Before his van was swallowed up, owner Tony Papadodoulos had already
reassured CBS2 that he was not worried because he was « alive ».

A massive sinkhole swallowed a pickup truck in the Bronx after the city experienced wild weather.

« I’m fine. Losing the van…that’s life, » he said.

The Department of Environmental Protection could not confirm that the sinkhole was caused by Monday’s huge storm, although it started at the same time, CBS2 noted.

Van owner Tony Papadodoulos told CBS2 he was not worried about his van being swallowed by a giant sinkhole in the Bronx because he was "living."
Van owner Tony Papadodoulos told CBS2 he wasn’t worried because he was « alive. »

Officials were also investigating whether it was linked to a sinkhole that opened up on the same block nearly a year ago, the outlet said.

« It took them three months to fix the work and we had no water, » local resident Joey Saadah said of the previous hole last August.

« Now we won’t have any water, » he said.


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